Our Sisterhood

As a young mother of two toddlers, Annie takes pride in encouraging positivity and love to not only her children and sisters, but to all members of the Sisterhood. Our Sisterhood is dedicated to encouraging others towards leading a life of self-acceptance and self-respect. Annie’s life journey has been inspired by her path to self-confidence, love, and acceptance. Life is about loving yourself and feeling confident in your own skin. If we are not uplifting and supporting each other, then our Sisterhood would not work. A Sisterhood is more than just a friendship, it implies that the bond between two people is forever, whether in bad or good times. Every strong relationship is built from trust, shared interests, and unconditional love. Along with all of our jewelry, we send little cards of encouragement to remind our customers and sisters of how beloved and amazing they are. Annie’s brand and Sisterhood is about her love and gratitude to her sisters, and all the sisters in her life. Her relationship with her sisters and her daughters is very important to her, which is why the Sisterhood for her brand is so important to her as well. Her jewelry is made with ethics, honesty, integrity, respect, and most importantly love. As you go about your day wearing our earrings or a necklace, we hope your young one will feel beautiful and empowered.