About Us

When Annie was a young adolescent (now a young mother of two toddlers), whenever she felt helpless moving past hurdles, break ups, friendship issues, parental pressures, academics, depression, peer pressure, drugs, healthy issues, and especially self acceptance, she'd write little cards and notes to encourage herself. "Some things happen, happen for a reason", "Love yourself", "Don't Give up" "Be true to yourself" were some of the most common quotes she'd write herself and read over and over again. It took her a really, really, really, really long time to accept and love herself and Annie's sisters (her own two sisters, girlfriends, girl cousins, aunties, elderly ladies) were always patient with her.

By building this brand, Annie not only wants to encourage others, but also dedicate her love and gratitude to her sisters, and all the sisters in her life, hence the creation of Annie and Sisters Shop.

Besides encouraging others, all jewelry made by Annie and Sisters are righteously made with ethics, honesty, integrity and respect in mind. With that, quality is never sacrificed! Annie and Sisters jewelry are always genuine sterling 92.5% of pure silver, nickel free, hypoallergenic that's crated with lots of love and consideration for all the sisters and girls (and even boys) that wear the jewelry!


righteously made, nickelfree, hypoallergenic, crafted with love, always 925