Jewelry Care Tips

Preventative care is way easier than dealing with damaged jewelry! Follow these jewelry care tips to prolong the life of your jewelry: 

  • Jewelry should be stored away separately in an air-tight jewelry box
  • Keep jewelry away from water, do not immerse jewelry in water
  • Remove jewelry when bathing, showering, swimming or using hot tub or hot springs
  • Quick tip: Apply all hair products, lotions, creams, perfume then let dry before putting on jewelry
  • Remove jewelry before going to bed for safety
  • Remove jewelry before participating in physical activity (such as household chores, exercising, preparing food/cooking, outdoor gardening) to avoid strong chemical, sweat, perspiration onto your jewelry
  • Remove when eating foods with sulfur, such as eggs and mayonnaise
  • Store away from heat, direct sunlight, window stills and vents
  • Never use tissue or paper towel to clean silver
  • Clean jewelry occasionally with slight amount of dish liquid or toothpaste and warm water, must dry with a clean soft cloth
  • For keeping the crystals shiny, occasionally wipe with diluted 1:1 alcohol and room temperature water with a soft cloth

These methods will help prolong the longevity (and beauty) of your necklaces or earrings for years to come!