Annie & Sisters and Snooknuk Media collaborate on original tween anthem "Inside of You"

Arcadia, California - October 15, 2021 - California-based jewelry company Annie & Sisters is releasing an original single created by Cheri Moon, singer/songwriter and creator of Snooknuk Media, as an extension of its mission to empower girls on the cusp of adolescence in finding confidence and self-acceptance.

"Inside of You," written and performed by Cheri Moon, with rap verse performed by Sheba Jacobs and written by Moon, Zuri Jacobs, and Kahari Mayes, affirms the importance of girls finding their own strengths and embracing them. The accompanying music video, created by Moon and director/photographer Christina Turino of Bad Mamas Production, features tween girls whose performance captures the essence of friendship and sisterhood.

Annie Chen, owner of Annie & Sisters, was inspired to create her tween-oriented line of jewelry by memories of how she coped with the trials of growing up and the priceless support she received from the women in her life-not just her two sisters, but the girlfriends, older female relatives, and female mentors who extended patience, love, and acceptance.  Annie & Sisters' necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms are aspired by Chen's dedication and love to her female sisters and each piece has beautiful crystal designs, made of sterling silver, and crafted to the highest quality standards. Every piece is nickel-free and hypoallergenic and filled with Chen's love and passion to spread joy and positivity.

The impetus for "Inside of You" was born when Chen noted that the girls who wore her jewelry often shared a love of music and dancing, but that many contemporary songs failed to speak to the unique challenges of their developmental stage. She reached out to Moon for help in realizing her vision of a song created just for the tween audience.

Moon, having recently run the "Ain't I A Woman" campaign promoting women's empowerment, was delighted to lend her talents to the project, as it coincided perfectly with her commitment to promoting positive affirmations to women and girls. Having fostered the creative talents of kids in the past through Snooknuk, she enjoyed giving her tween performers the opportunity to help her deliver an uplifting message to girls in a tough transitional period. The result, according to Chen, was a song that exceeded her expectations: "This collaboration has been so exciting. ‘Inside of You' really captures the heart of what Annie & Sisters is about."

"Inside of You" will be officially released on Spotify and YouTube on October 15, 2021.

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